Foods High in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol List

As we have noticed and considered, foods and what we eat and drink affect much on our health. That is including on the level of the cholesterol in our blood. The problem of high cholesterol can be said to be a silent killer because many of people who suffer it does not notice and realize it until it is getting serious and worst. That is why it is better for all people to be smart on maintaining their health condition. Reduce and stop the consumption of foods which have the high level of saturated fat and cholesterol can be one of the simple ways to do. That will be so easy and really simple. We only need to know about what kind of foods which consist of high saturated fat and cholesterol which can trigger the high cholesterol level in your blood. Here are some foods which should be wary.

Egg Yolk

If you like enjoying egg, such like as your breakfast menu every day, you need to be a bit careful because egg yolk contains the high cholesterol and saturated fat. However, it does not mean that you could not enjoy egg for your breakfast. You can still enjoy it but it is better to consume the egg white for getting the high protein than consuming the egg yolk which is high of the saturated fat and cholesterol.


Entrails become the common type of food which is high of saturated fat and cholesterol. That can be the entrails of cow, sheep, pig, or even chicken. However, from those animals, the higher one is the sheep and goat entrails. Then, the next are the pig and cow entrails. That is better for you to be careful of this kind of food. It is better to be away from this kind of food.

Quail Eggs

If we have mentioned egg yolk before as part of the high saturated fat and cholesterol food list, now the quail egg also becomes the worse one. One quail egg contains twice saturated fat and cholesterol content than a chicken egg. So, it is better to consume one chicken egg than one quail egg. In 10 gram of quail egg, it contains 3640 gram of cholesterol.

Cow and Pig Brain

Besides the entrails, the brain of pig and cow also consist of the high cholesterol and saturated fat. For pig brain, it contains 3100 grams per 10 gram of the brain, while for cow brain it contains 2300 grams per 10 gram of the brain. So, it is listed to be on the dangerous level.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk, especially which is already heated becomes a food which contains the high saturated fat and cholesterol. However, for the extra virgin one, it still becomes a good food.

Butter and Margarine

In ten gram of butter or margarine, there is 300gr of cholesterol that you will get. It is listed to be on the dangerous one as well.

Those are the list of the foods which contain the high saturated fat and also cholesterol that can cause the high cholesterol level. However, those are only of them. There might be other kinds of food which we could not state here all, as like squid, mussel, oyster, and so on.

So what would be a great supplement to lowering cholesterol after we eat those nasty food every day? Well many people were recommending choleslo pills as the right supplement. Since choleslo is not a drug it will not bring the damaging side effects within our body even in a long term usage.

How does Choleslo work to raise my HDL?

Reduce my Cholesterol Level?

Many people asked about how does Choleslo work to raise my HDL? Does it really reduce your cholesterol level? Choleslo is not medicine, but supplements that help you controlling your cholesterol in a short time. The supplement is made from natural ingredients, it makes the product has less side effect compared to any other cholesterol supplements. The manufacture guarantees the product, because they have conducted the quality research for more than 12 years.  Even after they began the mass production for 5 years, no complain are sent to the company.  Most of the patients who takes Choleslo are satisfied with the result, it is the reason why doctors also recommend their patients to consume the supplements.

How does Choleslo work to raise my HDL? And reduce my LDL?

People are quite curious about How does Choleslo work to raise my HDL? And reduce my LDL? Because the manufacture are not totally open about the specific ingredient that make the patients possibly control their cholesterol level.  All we know about Choleslo is only their natural ingredients which are mention on their website; it basically contains Artichoke extract, CoQ10, Sytrinol, Red Yeast Rice, Policosanol, and Pantethine. It is Sytrinol that helps you to raise the HDL and reduce the LDL, while Artichoke extract will help you in balancing the cholesterol level. CoQ10 will regenerate your cell, so it can work optimally; Pantethine can both prevent the inflammation and reduce cholesterol.

What Is The Best Way To Use Skinception Stretch Mark Cream?

In the first time of hearing about the magic of Skinception when it comes to remove stretchmark, it sparks skepticism about the truth behind it. Will my stretch mark really fade by using Skinception? This kind of skepticism is possible since people are too much exposed with a bulk of advertisement convincing their products as best but the result gives nothing. Skinception intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is specifically formulated to end the sufferings of many women, particularly after giving a birth, about the stretchmark. No more hiding! This therapy helps you face out the problem by completely removing the stretchmark, instead of concealing them.

Taking High-End Technology in the Formulation of Skinception

As people start curiosity about What is the best way to use SKinception stretch mark cream? They begin understanding some natures of Skinception that makes it worth a try. Knowing how people crave for involvement of natural ingredients to any cosmetics they own for the sake of health and less side effect. Skinception prefers taking the benefits of natural ingredients to be processed in the high-end technology for getting the most effective cosmetics to reduce stretch marks. It is an alternate way that a majority of women could rely on, instead of going for Botox. It helps skin smoother, no stretch marks and becomes more elastic which guarantee youthful look.

What Makes Skinception Different?

Skinception is singled out from other products because it consistently offers the greatest benefits for skin and always gains improvement to elevate the quality of the products. In attempt on removing the stretch marks, Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy works awesomely to get them off by simply using several active ingredients which are clinically proven to be incredible stretch mark removal. They could promote the production of collagen and help skin regain its elasticity of skin after undergoing quick physical change. Because the skin couldn’t accommodatethe quick change, it finally generates more stretch marks which are obviously disturbing.

What is the best way to use Skinception stretch mark cream?

Alongside taking Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, we could boost its effectiveness by taking healthy diets. Be sure to grab vitamin A, C and E as parts of daily menu. From experiences, these selected vitamins could excel out the improvement of skin and reducing the stretch marks significantly. Have some foods like apricots, carrots, potatoes and mango for regular meals. They are good for skin because containing essential vitamin A, which is remarkably effective to promote regeneration of skin cells. You may go for liver and spinach to gain more quantity of vitamin E in regular diet.

Vitamin E also works impressively by restoring skin into more flawless. It encourages the repair of damaged skin cells. Thus, having regular exposure of vitamin E will turn your skin like a baby skin. As a result, your self-esteem will grow up.

Vitamin C encourages the rejuvenation of skin cells by promoting the elasticity of skin. It’s like a magic to turn wrinkled skin into younger look. It ensures smooth process of new skin cells production. To gain vitamin C, we could have some citruc fruits, chili or kiwis. They are well-known to have a bulk of vitamin C inside.

Fat is not a thing to avoid for. It also contributes for positive side. Consuming a good amount of healthy fats really makes difference. It gives a touch of elasticity of skin and restores damaged skin into healthier and smoother. To obtain the good fat, we can have some salmon fish or coconut oil as regular diet. By taking two sides of treatments, we could boost up the skin health. It turns damaged skin with a lot of stretch marks into incredibly flawless and radiant one.

Will Skinception Stretch Mark Cream Cause Dangerous Side Effects?

You could maintain the beauty of your skin by consuming healthy foods and using skincare products. If your skin is healthy and beautiful, you will look more attractive as well. On the other hand, there are several skin problems that might reduce the beauty of your skin from acne to wrinkles. Other common skin problem that might occur is stretch mark. Stretch mark is the type of skin problem that usually appears during or after the pregnancy. For those of you who have stretch mark, you could solve this skin problem by using stretch mark cream. These days you might find various types of stretch mark cream that are available on the market with various choices of brand names, prices, or even ingredients. To get the best benefits, you might need to consider several important aspects when choosing stretch mark cream.

Price and Brand Name

The first thing that you should consider when choosing stretch mark cream is which brand name that you should buy. If you want to get the best result, Skinception is the brand name of stretch mark cream that you should choose. This stretch mark cream is known for its benefits in reducing and removing stretch mark effectively without causing any side effects. This stretch mark cream also works quickly and will reduce stretch mark only within 2 months. Besides the brand name, other important aspect that you should consider is the price of the stretch mark cream that you’re going to buy. If you choose Skinception, you don’t need to be worried about your budget since this stretch mark cream is very affordable.

Ingredients and Side Effects

The next thing that you should consider when choosing stretch mark cream is the ingredients that are used on the product. If you choose Skinception, you will be able to get better results since the active ingredients that are used in this stretch mark cream are clinically proven. The active ingredients that are contained in this stretch mark cream are Regestril and Darutoside which could reduce stretch mark’s depth and length effectively only within 2 months. It works quickly and will give the best results for you. Since the ingredients are clinically proven, they will not cause any harmful side effects for you. So confidently we can say that Skinception side effects does not exist. This stretch mark cream is completely safe and could be used to remove stretch mark without causing any side effects.


The Benefits of the Stretch Mark Cream

The main benefits of stretch mark cream are definitely reducing and removing stretch mark on your skin effectively. However, if you choose Skinception, you might be able to get other benefits from this stretch mark cream. Besides reducing and removing stretch mark on your skin, this stretch mark cream also could reduce discoloration as well. Other benefits that you could get from this stretch mark cream are including boosts collagen production, restores skin elasticity, smoothest furrows, and it could be used easily. This stretch mark cream could work perfectly and remove any stretch mark on various parts of your body, including breast area, stomach, thighs, or even your upper arms. If you’re looking for stretch mark cream that could work quickly, doesn’t cause any side effects, and give the best benefits, this stretch mark cream is definitely the best choice for you.

Is Penomet Pump Better Than Other Penis Pump Out There?

Size Does Matter

Health might be one of the most precious things that you have in your life. There are many things that you could do to keep your body healthy from choosing healthy diet to exercising regularly. Health also might determine your sexual performance as well. Healthy person will have better sexual performance than people with poor health. On the other hand, your sexual performance will be also determined by the size of your penis. Man with average or large sized penis might have better sexual performance than man with small sized penis. Basically, there are several things that you could do to make your penis bigger. Eating healthy foods and avoid unhealthy lifestyle might help you in getting bigger penis. You also could use Penomet, penis pump that is designed to help you in increasing the size of your penis.

Increasing the Size of Your Penis

Having penis with small size will not only decrease your sexual performance but also could make you have less self-esteem. Man with small sized penis often feel depressed and have lack of confidence. Basically, there are two common methods that you could use to increase the size of your penis. The first method is by consuming penis enlargement supplement. However, this method might bring side effects that might harm your health. Other method to increase your penis is by using penis pump. These days you might find various types of penis pump that are available on the market. However, if you want to get the best results, Penomet is the type of penis pump that you should get. This device is designed specifically in order to give the best results in penis enlargement treatment.

Why You Should Choose Penomet

Even though there are so many types of penis pump that are available on the market, they might give different results since they use different mechanism. Most people don’t know which penis pump that they should choose. If you want to get the best penis pump, Penomet is definitely the best solution for you. This penis pump is not only better than any other penis pumps but also could give better results as well. This device works effectively in increasing the size of your penis without causing any side effects. Other benefit that you could get if you choose this penis pump is that you might save your budget since this penis pump is available in very affordable price. With so many benefits, this penis pump is definitely the best penis pump that you could find on the market these days.

Make a Good Decision

Before you decide to buy penis pump, you might need to consider the benefits that you will get from this device. If you choose Penomet, you will not only be able to increase the size of your penis but also could save more time since this device work faster than any other penis pumps. This device will allow you to have stronger erection and could improve your sexual performance in more effective way. Choosing this device is definitely the best decision that you make in order to boost your self-esteem so that you could have better sexual life.

Story About How CholesLo Helps To Reduce High Cholesterol Level

CholesLo reviews – My journey to lower cholesterol level with CholesLo

Many months ago, I end up having to face the fact that my cholesterol levels are too high and I have to decide what I am going to do about it. High cholesterol occurs for various reasons, such as age, consuming fatty foods or genetic. Regardless of the reason, high cholesterol has been shown to increase the risk for heart-related problems. Since I realized that my cholesterol level is high, I went to my doctor and he gave me many cholesterol-lowering drugs, but they came along with many severe side effects, such as liver and muscle damage. So I didn’t think those drugs from my doctors’ were helping me. So I do online researches and Thank God I found CholesLo from many CholesLo reviews available in the internet. CholesLo have been proven to be very effective in enabling people to manage their cholesterol levels. Some elements in CholesLo formula has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

CholesLo contains a variety of elements including Policosanal, Pantesin d-Pantethine, Guggulsterones, Garlic deoderized, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Red Yeast Rice and phytosterols. CholseLo also contain liver cleansing formula such as Milk Thistle, NAC and Turmeric. Many CholesLo Reviews claim to have positive advantages in taking CholesLo.

choleslo lowest price

CholesLo Ingredients

CholesLo ingredients are including Lipid Optimizing System: Sytrinol ®, Co-Q10 (Ubidecarenone), Red Yeast Rice (10:01 Lovastatin Extract – citrinin removed), Policosanal, Deoderized garlic (Extract 1.3% alliin), Pantesin ® d-Pantethine, Guggulsterones (10% Pure Extract, E and Z), Artichoke Leaf Extract (15% Chlorogenic acid, 5% cynarin), Phytosterols Complex, Milk Thistle (80% Extract), NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine), Turmeric (95% curcuminoids Extract), Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 200 mcgs, Vitamin B6 20 mg and Vitamin B12 100 mcgs. Sytrinol is HFL Solutions that compound containing natural citrus and palm fruit extracts. Co-Q10 is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that is necessary for the heart function. Policosanal, which is also an ingredient has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. And garlic, of course, has been shown to lower overall cholesterol levels. Additionally, Pantesin has been shown to decrease LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. Guggulsterones has been used for thousands of years in India to address the problems associated with obesity, acne, and viral infections. Additionally, artichoke leaf extract is also included in CholesLo. Artichoke leaf extract has also been shown to lower overall cholesterol.

In my opinion, CholesLO is very much the case when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels. I feel I am so fortunate as there are so much holistic extract accumulate in this formula, but I am happy to see that CholesLo includes phytosterols. This element is also known as Plant Sterols – in which it is copying the “bad” cholesterol in the junk food, Plant Sterols absorb cholesterol by the intestine, allowing cholesterol to be “flushed” out of the body. Many CholesLo Reviews that have mentioned that the use of Plant Sterols also improves heart health.

You Can Take CholesLo with Other Drugs

For you who have prescribed with cholesterol medications, you can consume CholesLo. However, it is suggested to consume this supplement in a very low dosage because it is so powerful when you take it with Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor and other similar drugs. Many people who have consumed CholesLo said that they reduce the dosage of such drugs after 30-60 days. Such drugs are addictive, it is a great news if you can reduce the dosage or even eliminate it from your life using this natural healthy supplement. But, before you do that, it is better to talk to your physician.

CholesLo Boost Energy

Besides reducing your cholesterol and triglyceride level, it is believed that CholesLo is also able to boost your energy. Your blood pressure level will be managed well by it. You have to know that when the blood cholesterol level is high, your body tends to get tired that will cut down your activity levels. CholesLo will gain your energy and cut your cholesterol level at the same time. However, it is suggested to apply these steps while consuming CholesLo to ensure the effectiveness.

  • Low cholesterol and low fat diet are the foundation to avoid heart attack.
  • Exercising regularly will strengthen your heart and the entire circulation system.
  • It is better to quit smoking so your arteries will not be blocked with plaque that can cause stroke.
  • Stress affects high cholesterol level, so relax yourself.
  • Talk to doctor about your health condition.