Story About How CholesLo Helps To Reduce High Cholesterol Level

CholesLo reviews – My journey to lower cholesterol level with CholesLo

Many months ago, I end up having to face the fact that my cholesterol levels are too high and I have to decide what I am going to do about it. High cholesterol occurs for various reasons, such as age, consuming fatty foods or genetic. Regardless of the reason, high cholesterol has been shown to increase the risk for heart-related problems. Since I realized that my cholesterol level is high, I went to my doctor and he gave me many cholesterol-lowering drugs, but they came along with many severe side effects, such as liver and muscle damage. So I didn’t think those drugs from my doctors’ were helping me. So I do online researches and Thank God I found CholesLo from many CholesLo reviews available in the internet. CholesLo have been proven to be very effective in enabling people to manage their cholesterol levels. Some elements in CholesLo formula has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

CholesLo contains a variety of elements including Policosanal, Pantesin d-Pantethine, Guggulsterones, Garlic deoderized, Artichoke Leaf Extract, Red Yeast Rice and phytosterols. CholseLo also contain liver cleansing formula such as Milk Thistle, NAC and Turmeric. Many CholesLo Reviews claim to have positive advantages in taking CholesLo.

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CholesLo Ingredients

CholesLo ingredients are including Lipid Optimizing System: Sytrinol ®, Co-Q10 (Ubidecarenone), Red Yeast Rice (10:01 Lovastatin Extract – citrinin removed), Policosanal, Deoderized garlic (Extract 1.3% alliin), Pantesin ® d-Pantethine, Guggulsterones (10% Pure Extract, E and Z), Artichoke Leaf Extract (15% Chlorogenic acid, 5% cynarin), Phytosterols Complex, Milk Thistle (80% Extract), NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine), Turmeric (95% curcuminoids Extract), Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 200 mcgs, Vitamin B6 20 mg and Vitamin B12 100 mcgs. Sytrinol is HFL Solutions that compound containing natural citrus and palm fruit extracts. Co-Q10 is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that is necessary for the heart function. Policosanal, which is also an ingredient has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. And garlic, of course, has been shown to lower overall cholesterol levels. Additionally, Pantesin has been shown to decrease LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. Guggulsterones has been used for thousands of years in India to address the problems associated with obesity, acne, and viral infections. Additionally, artichoke leaf extract is also included in CholesLo. Artichoke leaf extract has also been shown to lower overall cholesterol.

In my opinion, CholesLO is very much the case when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels. I feel I am so fortunate as there are so much holistic extract accumulate in this formula, but I am happy to see that CholesLo includes phytosterols. This element is also known as Plant Sterols – in which it is copying the “bad” cholesterol in the junk food, Plant Sterols absorb cholesterol by the intestine, allowing cholesterol to be “flushed” out of the body. Many CholesLo Reviews that have mentioned that the use of Plant Sterols also improves heart health.

You Can Take CholesLo with Other Drugs

For you who have prescribed with cholesterol medications, you can consume CholesLo. However, it is suggested to consume this supplement in a very low dosage because it is so powerful when you take it with Zocor, Lipitor, Crestor and other similar drugs. Many people who have consumed CholesLo said that they reduce the dosage of such drugs after 30-60 days. Such drugs are addictive, it is a great news if you can reduce the dosage or even eliminate it from your life using this natural healthy supplement. But, before you do that, it is better to talk to your physician.

CholesLo Boost Energy

Besides reducing your cholesterol and triglyceride level, it is believed that CholesLo is also able to boost your energy. Your blood pressure level will be managed well by it. You have to know that when the blood cholesterol level is high, your body tends to get tired that will cut down your activity levels. CholesLo will gain your energy and cut your cholesterol level at the same time. However, it is suggested to apply these steps while consuming CholesLo to ensure the effectiveness.

  • Low cholesterol and low fat diet are the foundation to avoid heart attack.
  • Exercising regularly will strengthen your heart and the entire circulation system.
  • It is better to quit smoking so your arteries will not be blocked with plaque that can cause stroke.
  • Stress affects high cholesterol level, so relax yourself.
  • Talk to doctor about your health condition.